Our Technology – the Ugimers™

Ugimers™ were developed to overcome the drawbacks of current antisense technologies, namely delivery and safety and toxicity issues.
Whereas common antisense technologies are very similar to their natural model RNA and have a sugar phosphate backbone, Ugimers™ possess a completely unnatural peptide-like backbone (so-called Peptide Nucleic Acids, PNAs).

Therefore, Ugimers™ show

  • An extremely high stability in biological systems
  • A strong affinity to their target RNA
  • A high efficacy
  • A high specificity

Due to the peptide-like structure of Ugimers™, chemical modifications can be introduced easily. In this way, Ugimers™ can be optimally adapted to their respective targets and tissues.

Ugimers™ are characterized by:

  • Easy uptake in cells and tissues
  • Selective modification of tissue distribution
  • A favorable safety- and toxicity profile

Up to now intravenous (i.v.), subcutaneous (s.c.) and intramuscular (i.m.) application forms were confirmed.

Ugimers™ are easily synthesized from pre-manufactured building blocks. By doing this, tailor-made molecules can be produced for a given target.