• UGISense AG was founded in 2016 by Birgit Werner and Thomas Lindhorst, two experienced chemists and entrepreneurs working in biotech for more than 20 years.
  • Based on its proprietary Ugimers™ platform technology, UGISense develops a new type of antisense drugs.
  • Ugimers™ are designed to solve the challenges of antisense technologies, namely delivery, efficacy, stability and toxicity.
  • The intellectual property of the technology platform is long-term protected; new intellectual property is generated for each new product developed.
  • Development projects in oncology, rare muscular dystrophies, peripheral neuropathies and metabolic diseases demonstrate the potential of the technology.
  • UGISense is open for further collaborations with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies.
  • UGISense is financed by private investors, Lead Discover Center Dortmund and SeedCapital II Dortmund.
  • UGISense operates with a lean, virtual structure.